Effect of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) bronchiolitis practice guidelines on resource utilization.

We sought to determine whether institution of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) practice guidelines decreased resource utilization for a heterogeneous population of children hospitalized with RSV bronchiolitis. Patients less than 24 months old with RSV bronchiolitis at a pediatric referral center were identified by retrospective chart review for consecutive RSV seasons. Before the guidelines were instituted patients were less likely to have a documented physician's assessment of response to albuterol, were more likely to have received supplemental oxygen and cardiorespiratory monitoring, and to be discharged on an albuterol regimen. Patients received more albuterol treatments. After the guidelines were in place fewer resources were utilized in the care of patients with RSV bronchiolitis. RSV practice guidelines may simplify and streamline the care of a heterogeneous population of children with bronchiolitis.


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Harrison AM
Boeing NM
Domachowske JB
Piedmonte MR
Kanter RK