Clinical audit of the use of fresh-frozen plasma and platelets in a tertiary teaching hospital and the impact of a new transfusion request form

To carry out an audit of the appropriateness of fresh-frozen plasma (FFP) and platelets (Plt) transfusion with reference to the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council/Australian Society of Blood Transfusion Clinical Practice Guidelines, and to assess the impact of a self-educating transfusion request form.


A prospective review of the clinical indications and laboratory data in all transfusion episodes of FFP and Plt occurring in a tertiary teaching hospital in South Australia in two 2-month periods of the years 2002 and 2003.


Reversal of warfarin has emerged as the major indication to transfuse FFP (34%). More than 72% FFP and 88% Plt were prescribed in an appropriate manner, and the majority were monitored adequately. The transfusion request form further improved the appropriate uses and was met with a satisfactory compliance. Further grounds for improvement are in FFP usage by the haematology unit and in cardiac bypass surgery, and Plt by surgical units.


Clinical transfusion audit helps to identify current pattern of usage and areas of improvement. A self-educating transfusion specific request form is also beneficial.


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Hui CH
Williams I
Davis K