Appropriateness of fresh-frozen plasma usage in hospital settings: a meta-analysis of the impact of organizational interventions

Transfusions of fresh-frozen plasma (FFP) are a worldwide ever-growing practice. The most advanced health care organizations, to guarantee high-quality standards of interventions and safe procedures, should disseminate scientific evidence for promoting the appropriateness of transfusions and reducing avoidable risks.


We carried out a systematic review of scientific literature searching for studies focused on the implementation of different strategy of organizational interventions aimed at improving clinicians' practice.


Of 915 studies, 10 articles were included in our meta-analysis of risk of inappropriate transfusion after the implementation of an organizational intervention. The risk ratio of inappropriate transfusions before organizational interventions was 2.02 (95% confidence interval, 1.44-2.84) compared with after interventions.


The organizational interventions showed a positive impact on the reduction of rates of inappropriate FFP transfusion episodes.


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Damiani G
Pinnarelli L
Sommella L
Farelli V
Mele L
Menichella G
Ricciardi W