Program Structure

To do or not to do? is funded by ZonMw through the Citrienfonds. The NFU, the umbrella organization of University Medical Centers, is responsible for the execution of the program.

The first part of the program runs from April 2015 until December 2018. It was coordinated by a central program team.
Dr. Simone van Dulmen (Radboudumc)
Eva Verkerk Msc (Radboudumc)
Dr. Tijn Kool (Radboudumc)
Pauline Heus Msc (UMC Utrecht/Cochrane Netherlands)
Dr. Lotty Hooft (UMC Utrecht/Cochrane Netherlands)

The steering committee was responsible for monitoring the progress and directing the program. This steering committee has selected the eight low-value care practices that we are de-implementing. Each umc has delegated a steering committee member.
Dr. Helen Mertens (NFU/Citrienfonds, Chair)
Prof.dr. Erik Buskens (UMCG)
Dr. Hans Fiolet (MUMC+)
Prof.dr. Suzanne Geerlings (AMC)
Prof.dr. Mark Kramer (VUMC)
Prof.dr. Johan Mackenbach (ErasmusMC)
Prof.dr. Carl Moons (UMC Utrecht)
Prof.dr. Gert Westert (Radboudumc)

The steering committee was advised by an advisory committee in which important stakeholders in Dutch healthcare are represented:
Drs. Hans Simons (independent chair)
Joke Derksen (Zorginstituut Nederland) 
Marenne Terlingen (NVZ)
Dr. Marjon Kallewaard (Federatie Medisch Specialisten)
Geertjan Mellema (ZN)
Marian Mens Msc (V&VN)
Fenneke van Swigchum (NPCF)
Drs. Yolande Waterreus ( NZA)
Dr. Tjerk Wiersma ( NHG)

The program is continued from 2019 to 2022 and it is still under development.